• Name and surname: Viktor Lasan

  • Address: Croatia, 52470 Umag, Križine 48/f
  • Telephone: 091/2530388, fax. 052 350 419


  • Graduated from the Technical Polytechnic in Zagreb

  • Diploma in marine engineering from the Nautical High School
  • National exam for marine engineer at the Port Authority in Koper
  • Level of education: University degree


  • IIMS certified surveyor, independent organisation promoting the professionalism and training of marine surveyors worldwide.
  • Insp. UDICER / NAUTITEST, European notified body N. 0966
  • Insp. Nautico per la Repubblica di San Marino

  • Certified court surveyor
  • Sea captain’s certificate for national navigation
  • Marine engineer’s license, Port Authority Koper
  • Certificate of competence for handling and correct operation of lifesaving appliances
  • Certificate of competence for finding, rescue and survival at sea
  • Marine radio operator’s license


Insp. UDICER / NAUTITEST, European notified body N. 0966, Insp. Nautico per la Repubblica San Marino, Certified court surveyor, seaman, chief engineer, nautical manager in ports for nautical tourism, diver – active participation, leader of rescue teams for the lifting of sunken ships from the sea. Active participation in the organization of big sports competition (World Championship in Dubrovnik 1996) etc. Development of anchoring systems and planning of port capacities in ports for public traffic. Owner of an independent enterprise for providing maritime and nautical consulting services.


  • Croatian
  • English
  • Italian
  • Slovenian
  • German – passive


Engineer officer and chief engineer (1978-1990) on ships for deep sea and coastal navigation (Companies: Splošna plovba Piran, Droga Portorož, Riba Izola, Liamar Monaco…etc.) Crew manager in ACI Marina Umag (1990-2019) Certified marine surveyor at the District Court in Pula Cooperation with the

following companies and institutions:
Ministry of Maritime Affairs, County Court in Pula, Municipal Court in Buje, County Court in Split, Croatian Customs Authority, Port Authority, Umag-Novigrad, Insurance Company Jadransko, osiguranje Rijeka, Insurance Company Grawe osiguranje, Pula, Insurance Company Croatia osiguranje, Pula, Insurance Company Pantaenius, Vienna, Insurance Company Adriatic osiguranje, Koper, Volksbank, Klagenfurt, Yacht-pool, Poreč, Yacht-pool, Austria, UDICER/ NAUTITEST,(European notified body N°0966)


This survey includes a comprehensive control of a vessel performed for a potential buyer, estimate of condition and general operational capacity of the vessel being a subject-matter of a potential sales agreement. In this kind of survey, a marine surveyor does not act as a representative of a buyer. 

The vessel survey does not serve the buyer to conclude a sales agreement at the lowest possible price, his job is to provide the buyer with all relevant information on the condition of the vessel and its reasonable market value.

It includes the following:

  • Non-aggressive survey of the hull and engines in a dry dock and in a floating condition.
  • Control of all vessel systems in useful operation.
  • Market value estimate based on findings. 
  • Report with details of findings with recommendations. 

The scope of vessel survey is similar to the survey when buying of selling a vessel, but it is intended only for the purpose when a current vessel owner wants to conclude an agreement on risk coverage with an insurance company. 

The inspection is specifically and primarily directed to vessel safety systems, their maintenance, the found condition and detection of possible structural problems on the vessel hull (osmosis, corrosion, decay, stress and fatigue of materials).

A comprehensive survey whose details depend mostly on circumstances and kinds of damage to the vessel. There are many variations in this kind of survey, depending on circumstances in which a damage event occurred. The aim of the survey is to detect a cause of the damage event, determine the extent of damage, give proposal for the repair of damage and estimate the amount of material costs required for the reparation of all damages. Claims for damages based on maritime insurance policies can sometimes be complicated. 

The task of a marine surveyor is to establish facts and prepare an independent expertise with findings which will help you to exercise your rights from the contract on risk coverage. In addition to the survey in the event of damage we perform the control of quality and technological processes when repairing the vessel.

The purpose of this survey is to determine a reasonable market value of a vessel. The inspection of structural integrity of the vessel and the condition of normalized safety systems is performed as being recommended by rules for statutory certification of boats and yachts. 

This kind of vessel survey is intended only for the purpose of financing of the purchase or sale, and a financial institution which is interested in such an investment takes into consideration this kind of survey in order to reach a final decision on possible financing of the purchase or sale.

The inspection of the condition and the estimate of vessel’s value only for the purpose of fulfilment of export- import obligations when registering a vessel and Yachts in the Croatian Register of Boats. 

The survey is performed in order recommend priorities in the method of maintenance of the vessel in order to treat the vessel in a quality and cost-efficient way. 

This survey is carried out before placing the vessel in the dry dock and in agreement with the dockyard on works to be performed during the stay of the vessel in the dry dock. 

Non-destructive survey of the humidity quantity of the polyester hull using the instrument for the measuring of electric conductivity “TRAMEX Skipper Plus”. The humidity measuring is carried out in accordance with the “Code for measuring and analysis of humidity of polyester hulls” (*International Institute of Marine Surveyors (1998) Witherby & Co., London, 17p.)

The humidity control in the polyester compost is carried out to prevent and stop the osmosis early enough (the process of polyester decomposition)

The underwater survey of the hull is carried out as a preventive measure which will provide answers to the following details:

  • What is the condition of the vessel hull after the collision with the sea bottom or with another vessel.
  • What is the condition of underwater valves which pass through the hull.
  • What is the condition of the antifouling protection of the vessel.
  • What is the condition of zinc anodes and their replacement if necessary.
  • What is the condition of shaft lines, propellers and their cleaning if necessary. 
  • Repair of minor defects and failures on the vessel which can be detected and repaired in the underwater environment.

The inspection of vessel and parts of the vessel for CE certification basis on the EU directive 2013/53/UE for UDICER / NAUTITEST (European notified body No. 0966)

Reports are drawn up clearly and concisely without using common language instead of technical terms. Conclusions and recommendations are based on “the rules for statutory certification of boats and yachts” set by European Union Directive 2013/53/UE. The reports are made within five working days after the survey of the vessel.


  • Business and entrepreneurial consulting in maritime trade and nautical tourism

  • IIMS Certified surveyor
  • Marine Engineer
  • Insp. Nautico per la Repubblica San Marino



By surveying the current physical condition of the vessel and with the reasonable market value estimate we can help you make decision on your future investment, purchase or sale, repair, upgrading of yachts or smaller commercial vessels.


Business and entrepreneurial counseling in nautical and nautical tourism ”NAUTIKA” – UMAG (HR)

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